Murdoch's trade waste collection service is suitable for businesses of all sizes; including shops, restaurants, pubs, offices & small industrial units.

We can take care of all non-recyclable waste produced from your business and dispose of it at a Murdoch’s approved disposal site. Most types of light, dry waste are applicable; including plastics, packaging and even food waste.

We offer a diverse range of containers for storage until collection, with the likes of kerbside bags, wheelie bins, eurocarts and fel bins available for rental.

To ensure your disposals are being handled smoothly we can assess your unique requirements to determine the best type of containers needed to provide you with a fluid disposal service that both meets and exceeds your waste disposal demands.


Size Height (cm) Width (cm) Depth (cm) Bin Bag Capacity Waste Streams
Grey Bags Kerbside only MMW Only
Clear Bags Kerbside only DMR Only
240 Ltr 107 58 74 5 GLASS – DMR – MMW - FOOD
360 Ltr 120 76 91 7 GLASS – DMR – MMW
660 Ltr 123 136 77 12 DMR & MMW Only
1100 Ltr 146 136 107 20 DMR & MMW Only

DMR - Dry Mixed Recycling (paper, cans, plastic, cardboard) – no black bags
MMW – Mixed Municipal – inc black bags

We are proud to declare that our waste is recycled via Reprocessing, Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) – alternate waste to energy reuse.


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