At Murdochs we offer our clients with a comprehensive, reliable site clearance service that underlines efficiency as a key priority.

Debris, foliage, excess building material waste and virtually all other forms of typical site waste can be manually removed from your site by our team of experienced technicians who have a seamless turnaround time in the removal and disposal of waste.

We always aim to mould how we operate around our clients’ unique requirements to ensure the process is being carried out as efficiently as possible.

With the assistance of the Murdoch fleet we can smoothly transition between general site clearance and the removal of waste; handling the process diligently and in conjunction with your site-specific requirements such as time constraints in residential areas.

We are proud to declare that our waste is recycled via Reprocessing, Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) – alternate waste to energy reuse.


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