660L & 1100ltr EUROCARTS

We understand that the movement of waste isn’t always as simple as walking out to the bin, so why not take the bin to you?

Murdoch’s eurocarts are synonymous with reliability; giving our clients a heavy-duty waste container that’s perfect for mobile waste management. Offering either 600L or 1100L storage, our eurocarts are the ideal choice for holding large amounts of waste that may need moved around at times – supported by the study wheels found at the bottom of each eurocart.

The following waste types are suitable for disposal in Eurocarts:

• Municipal
• General
• Dry Mixed Recyclables (DMR)
• Cardboard
• Plastic
• Cans

Our eurocarts are manufactured with high grade materials to ensure resistance against day-to-day adverse effects that may spoil your average waste container.

These all-weather, all-year containers are resistant to heat and cold – meaning they can survive the heat of an Indian summer or even the harsh British winter!

We are proud to declare that our waste is recycled via Reprocessing, Anaerobic Digestion (AD), Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) – alternate waste to energy reuse.


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